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Western  When it comes to "Horse Camping & Pack Supplies" has over 25 years in using all of these supplies in extreme weather conditions, "Sheepherder Stove" extensively through out the Rocky Mountains. We have tested these stoves in the most trying times you can have in severe weather. These come highly recommended.

          Bozeman Montana
Many of the "Tent Wood Stoves" for sale will fit inside most of our horse panniers. A larger tent camp stove is more appropriate for base camp. The easier wood camp stoves can be top packed into camp.

Riley Wood Stoves burn at different time rates depending on size. These stoves are great for warming and cooking on in wall tents or tepee tents that have a asbestos stove insert in them. Each stove will hold a fire (overnight) depending on the size of the stove.

There are several types of metal used in "Wood Camp Cook Stoves" and additionally, metal thickness (gauge) varies between wood stoves. These stoves are made to withstand the rigors of horse packing and continual heavy camp use. We offer many different styles of camp wood stoves. Hopefully, you will find a tent wood stove to meet your requirements and budget.

If you are needing replacement stove pipe, heating shelf, water jacket etc order as required under accessories.

Recommendation: When selecting a stove make sure you purchase a damper, and damper sleeve if available, as a damper increases heating efficiency at a minimum of 20%in holding a fire inside the firebox.